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    would it be wrong in asking if a separate category be made in the file library named Indian Routes???

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    Segregate the Indian routes out of the routes section? Why?

    My opinion is no, not necessary and foolish.
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    "Separate but equal is not equal" comes to mind.
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    Everything else is separated out as Indian and World.
    Why not?


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    IMO, the library is overdue for a is out of date, cumbersome to search. However, it all depends upon the software the forum is using, coupled with the time, knowledge and inclination to tackle the task. Do Not Hold Your Breath!
    I'm thankful the forum still exists, for one thing.
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    Since the site already segregates operational features depending on who is a paying user, I would have no problem expanding the concept to the content, geographically, on the basis of the funding performance of various geographic locales, too.

    If you are living in an area that does the most donating towards the bills to keep the place afloat, then speedier searches devoid of geographic chaff, if one so desires, should be an available option.

    Honestly, I see the existing segregation of the Indian cars, engines and activities (because of their sheer volume) as an act of speeding up searches for the seekers of non-Indian content. The routes, OTOH, are not likely a volume problem.

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