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Thread: Similar problem to Chosenfrozen44s post

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    Question Similar problem to Chosenfrozen44s post

    As many know I take other routes and modernize them or change out certain scenery items. When working on a certain tile say with a larger city area, if I try to add too many items, I get the dreaded error message saying "Failed to save properly" when THAT happens, I know to stop and move on elsewhere. If I don't and try adding more, not only are the original scenery items missing, but nearly ALL of my new ones are! My question is: Is this an Open Rails issue or is it my computer? Would adding more ram (memory) help this at all?

    My second question is: How can one tell where one tile ends and the next one starts?

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    Another trick is to place your objects, jump to another tile where there is nothing and then save it, then jump back........



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