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Thread: Train / Consist / Locomotive for Surfliner

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    Default New to OpenRails and have downloaded Surfliner 2.3

    I, too, have downloaded the Surfliner route. I have gotten back into Train sims and have loaded Open Rails (both standard and monogame) as I can't find the original disks for msts. Current version of OR works great as far as I'm concerned. As I said I downloaded Surfliner 2.2 then the upgrade for 2.3. There was another file called Surf_pack, which had a number of activities defined including a list of other downloads required to run the activities. In that list was a Surfliner F-59phi with some surfliner coaches. I was able to get the activities running. I also found my original downloads of the pre-release and v1.0 version of Facing Point Media's Surfliner equipment. These are the 3dtrains version. They are highly detailed and work great. I found TSRE5 which includes a easy to use consist editor which allowed me to change the consists of the Amtrak Surfliner's in the activity to the 3dTrains version. and it work fine. Open Rails appears to be a viable Train-sim that utilized a lot of the content and equipment that free to download here off Trainsim.
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    Curmudgeon here. Consist editors are great. I love them. But also note that consist files etc. are text files. It's quite easy to change equipment with a text editor.

    The 3DTrains (also FPM for those few of us that succeeded in getting the route) Surfliner equipment (Surfliner, Metrolink, and Coaster) are still excellent models. I do find that in OR a lot of things happen kind of slowly (throttling up, braking, etc.) compared to how they worked in MSTS, to the point of being perhaps a bit unrealistic. So a bit of .eng file tweaking is probably needed. Has anybody done that?

    FPM also issued an equipment set that was painted in older Cal-Amtrak colors using the 3DTrains shapes; is that still available?

    Amtrak is now using some Siemens Charger locomotives on the Surfliner. A payware model (very well done) is available. Metrolink has a couple of F125 locomotives running (they're being phased in very very slowly); afaik there's no model of them. Some Surfliners use other Amtrak cars when not enough California Cars (the double-deckers with 2 sets of doors) are available, so trains using Amfleet, Superliners, or even (in older eras) Horizon cars would be appropriate.

    For 1950s era (just close your eyes and pretend that the Redondo Flyover isn't there), the Santa Fe RDCs in the f/l fit well as bobtail San Diegans. They actually ran the route until they overturned at Redondo Junction (way before there was a flyover) one evening, greatly exceeding the 15mph speed limit for the turn.

    Metrolink also uses (still, a little) F59's (not PHI). They're gradually being retired, but in the timeframe of most activities they're still active on commuter trains. A long time ago, I found a F59 model (not just a repainted F40 - they're similar but not identical - among other things, F59s have a front walkway) that fits with Metrolink, but can't remember where. Possibly in the f/l - happy searching.

    For those who don't have documentation handy, Metrolink has a LOSSAN timetable that's a really good introduction to the region.

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    Obstreperous reply to Curmudgeon post:

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeebb View Post
    .... I do find that in OR a lot of things happen kind of slowly (throttling up, braking, etc.) compared to how they worked in MSTS, to the point of being perhaps a bit unrealistic....

    The MSTS engine files are a tangled conglomeration of good data, totally unrealistic data, hacks, mistakes, outright errors, and strange data needed to make them work in the unfinished poorly coded MSTS. So it is a wonder that OR can be backward compatible to the legacy equipment --- that it is, is a credit to the hard work of all the users and developers that have stuck with it since the beginning.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeebb View Post
    ....So a bit of .eng file tweaking is probably needed. Has anybody done that?...

    Yep, plenty of users, more than you might suppose.

    Actually taking the time to test out engine and wagon files, using the and OpenRails folders with OR physics ( Davis numbers for friction, CurtiusKniffler values for Adhesion, and the ORTS Diesel Engine brake parameters, couplers, etc ) you'll find OR is very capable of simulating real train physics.

    If you don't prefer the realistically slow charging of brakes, a few adjustments to the brake parameters will speed things up considerably. There's also using Shift+/ to "initialize" the brakes.

    Quite a few threads with information about all of this here and at other forums.

    Regards, Gerry
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