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    Question Developing Code Raildriver

    Hello, if the sentence structure or the choice of words is somewhat strange - I write the text in German and then let it run through a translator...
    Now to my question: After years I tested Opentrain again and could see that it works very well now. Since I actually only ride with the Raildriver, I use it of course also for this. Now I have already noticed a few errors, e.g. that the BailOff doesn't go back, or it doesn't show the speed, or I don't like the keyboard layout of the Raildriver.
    I already fixed some bugs with Visual Studio. I downloaded the code from the page "". Now I wanted to check the Subversion repository to see if I could submit the changed code there. But I can't get a connection. The browser says "<D:error xmlns="DAV:" xmlns:m="" xmlns:C="svn:">
    <m:human-readable errcode="720003"> Could not open the requested SVN filesystem </m:human-readable>
    </D:error>" and the client doesn't work either. Are there any problems ? Is there perhaps a possibility about Git ?

    I hope this is the right place for these questions.

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    Hello, glad you decided to try OR again. Yes, many improvements have been made. You should consider joining the Elvas Tower forum. There is a thread dedicated to the development of RailDriver for OR. An ET member, perpetualkid -- who has joined the OR development team, has made improvements in the OR-RailDriver interface. Joining Elvas Tower and reading this thread should bring you up to speed.

    Here's the link >>>

    Regards, Gerry
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    There have been more RailDriver improvements since that thread -- things just keep getting better!

    As always, perpetualKid's RailDriver development is based on the Monogame builds of OR. Basically, that means it runs on Windows 7 and up -- no Windows XP. (But the performance gains are great!)

    In addition to the "Experimental" build channel of Open Rails, there's now an alternate "Unstable" build channel. The "Unstable" channel is using Monogame -- so of the official build channels, it's the most cutting-edge. PerpetualKid's RailDriver improvements are a "fork" of the "Unstable" builds now, and it's easier than ever to stay current with them.

    Download the latest full build by perpetualKid here:

    It's a complete build of Open Rails; just unzip the contents to a folder where you want to keep it, and make a shortcut to the "openrails.exe" inside of it, and name the shortcut something recognizable so you can tell it apart from any other OR shortcuts you might have.

    Once you open it up, go to the "Options" button and find the "Updates" tab, and switch the update channel to the one named "Ultimate". This is the specific update channel for the RailDriver version. Go back to the main menu and you should see the link for the latest update in the top-right of the window. Click it, and the updater will pull in the necessary updates to both the RailDriver components and official "Unstable" channel Monogame updates. Very nice!

    One thing to watch out for -- and I think it's more a dependency of Open Rails than anything else. When you change the update channel, it changes it for every install of Open Rails you have. So if you test multiple versions, always check the update channel in the menus before you click the update link! Just something to be aware of. If you accidentally run the wrong updater, with Open Rails it's easy to just re-download the version you want and put it back.

    I rarely plug my little trainsim blog other than by my signature line, but since I just wrote an entry about this very subject, here's a link. There are some screenshots in it, which might be helpful.


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