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Thread: Canadian Pacific AC44CWM Rebuilds and GP30C-ECO Locomotives

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    Red face Canadian Pacific AC44CWM Rebuilds and GP30C-ECO Locomotives

    Does the architecture of the NS DC-to-AC rebuild program work the same way as CP's rebuilding of older AC44CW's into AC4400CWM's? If so, have Borislav Miletic, the creator of the AC44C6M files, paint some of the blank AC4400's into CP's 8000-8100 series AC4400CWM's because I myself am a big fan of CP Rail/Soo Line/Milwaukee Road.

    And the GP30C-ECOs - if there could be a heritage locomotive for each fallen flag railroad or older paint scheme:

    -CP 1885 (Classic Transcontinental Scheme) - named after the last spike on CP transcontinental railroad in 1885
    -CP 1944 (MILW 261/Hiawatha Heritage) - named after MILW S-3 4-8-4 #261, the famous excursion loco built in 1944
    -CP 1949 (SOO Line Classic Logo, Maroon-Gold) - named after SOO 2500A FP7A diesel's build-date
    -CP 1985 (MILW Freight Scheme) - named after the 1980s-era paint scheme, prior to being purchased by SOO in 1985
    -CP 1986 (SOO Line Heritage "Candy Apple Red") - The last SOO Line paint scheme
    -CP 1993 (Golden Beaver Heritage) - named after CP's logo, 13 years prior to standard CP lettering on ES44ACs, SD30C-ECOs and GP30C-ECOs

    I would like some ideas on how to repaint some locos into these famous paint schemes!

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    Hello, Zach!

    I haven't made any AC4400CWM's. I have no plans to make them at the present time. There are a couple of other projects that I am interested in doing.

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    Cool, when you get a chance PM me some ideas on what you're doing...

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