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Thread: Two files missing for AMTH_95 Activity

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    Question Two files missing for AMTH_95 Activity

    Attention to chastrains11 (Chuck)

    I couldn't find two files to download to complete the rolling stock of your activity, AMTH_95. I did follow your readme.txt for the name of the files and came up empty. Yes I did search in advanced and show me nothing again. And here are two files that need to be check and spelled correctly.

    I am not sure what is the file of cdot_P40dc_pk? And the other is the lumber car right?

    Anyone else have any problem with those two files and if you did find them to download. Can you post the name of the files here so I and others will be able to find and download them.

    Thank you,


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    Search "CDOT" without the " and a number of files come up. On this route some are the DM (Dual Mode - Diesel & Electric).

    TTZX is just a Center-Beam Car, lots to choose from.

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    Hi John,

    The correct file name's should be:

    Thank you,


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