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Thread: Ideas List / Development List

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    AI trains that get hit with a detector and have to stop with a built in timer for say 5 mins. then they reset and get going.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernWarrior View Post
    We also need a route that's just a bit of, well, fun. I was doing some random searching for potential projects to build in one of the sims and I came across the Gum Stump And Snowshoe in Pennsylvania. Hitherto I had always thought that was just a curious zigzag model plan in a Kalmbach book, but was actually a real prototype - including the zigzags. Something like that, with lots of offshoots and spurs you could serve would make a refreshing change. Or if not that, something like the Carlton Coast logging lines in Oregon which was also a network of branches (no pun intended!) and spurs.
    Perhaps something like that could be added as a branch line off one of the existing routes in the same manner as the recent Arvin and Oak Creek add on. If it wasn't prototypical those that didn't want it need not buy it but I probably would.

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