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Thread: Railfanning the Orin Line (ACT I - The Story of Simulation)

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    Red face Railfanning the Orin Line (ACT I - The Story of Simulation)

    This - my fellow railfans and foamers - is the BNSF Powder River Division, home to North America's largest coal-hauling operation. If I had a story to tell - well, you should experience this story sooner rather than later.

    I was standing trackside a half-mile from the Alliance Yard in downtown Alliance, Nebraska, when all of a sudden I caught a pair of FerroMex EMD SD70ACe diesels pulling a few loads of scrap on a MOW train to Hemingford on the Edgemont Subdivision. This was a sight-for-sore-eyes when you would normally catch a pair of BNSF GEVO ES44AC locomotives leading.

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    Cool that must of been the catch of the day normally you don't see foreign power out on the Powder river basin line

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    So back to where I started just east of Alliance, Nebraska. FerroMex #4009 was my engine to board and get the all-clear to proceed on the Edgemont Sub after the yard...

    Normally, I'd be running a coal train with these but today was a special day. Today was the day that FXE #4009 and #4011 would get a break from hauling heavy loads since they're low on fuel. They've got the easy task of doing a local job to Hemingford and back.

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    After I got a call stating Fred was leaving Donkey Creek Yard for the mines during a bout of severe weather at the throttle of BNSF EMD SD70MAC #9647 (dubbed by railfans and foamers as the "Vomit Bonnet"), I called my buddy up and said, "Hey, man, the Vomit Bonnet is rounding the curves on the Orin!" This is what he witnessed in the severe thunderstorm!

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