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Thread: New file category in the MSTS routes genre

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    Quote Originally Posted by landnrailroader View Post
    If anyone has looked, there is now a "incomplete routes" category in the library.
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    Yes, I noticed it's now a category that can be searched. When I get time I'll load the unfinished B&A once I've had a chance to test it.
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    I'm thinking what I might do is build all the infrastructure of some of my routes and then upload them, just in case I never get the scenery done

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    Interesting thread.....I downloaded the route that started this thread, also found another route in the database that was said to be incomplete...."Meridian Speedway". Loaded it up in OR and you can run a train from Jacksonville,MS to Meridian, MS without an issue. (Some of the curves need to be smoothed out in my opinion)...So I loaded the route in TSRE5 to look at the route in the editor. load the map images and all the tracks are off several hundred yards... It got me thinking Meridian Speedway was "released" in 2010, so I'm sure the map overlays in route editing was not available...So as an experiment I loaded the Florida Funnel in TSRE5, and looking at Waycross, GA, the tracks are spot on....except for some new tracklines I suspect....but interesting none the less....

    Just a comment

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