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    i managed to get the hang of modifying the shape files , and changing the names of the ace and sd files. now last locomotive i added was a CR ES44AC using the SLI BNSF loco pack from the scenic route/stevens pass
    just copying the cab view cvf i get no cab view.. copying the eng and cab sms , i get no sound ( had to change she sms in the ENG file because there is no Gevo_FDL).. only if i move the full sound and cab view folders.. but then the locomotive does not move any way forward or reverse
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    You need to learn how to alias sounds ( sms file ) and cabviews ( cvf file )
    Try this thread to start, search for others, quite a few

    Also to need to put together a tool kit of utility programs to diagnose problems and help you fix them
    slipperman has made some very useful tools, all available here in the file library: & for starters.
    Search for text --- saunders
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