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Thread: Trains &Trainsets for Open Rails

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    That's what I think I did, I added trains and consists to the tab on content
    open rails

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    Ok, I just went to content and open that up and added 1msts and clicked ok. But I think thats wrong also. This is where I am confused, are playable in Open Rails via your selection of the "1MSTS installation" in the top pull down. How is this part done.aAnd Where

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    When you open the application the top left drop down menu is where you select your installation (highlighted in red)

    You should see 2 choices in the drop down menu, one that says 1MSTS and the other that says Trainsimulations (if you installed that free starter route)

    The 1MSTS contains all your MSTS era routes, which are totally playable in Open Rails, and the other contains the new Open Rails only material that cannot ever be used by MSTS. That is for the new generation of material only.

    My drop down menu shows I have 14 installations. Don't worry about my 14, I have things organized differently and have been at this awhile. Rookie users should have 2, one for the old MSTS content and one for the new Open Rails only stuff

    And Open Rails is aware of these because I added 14 entries under Options, Content

    Routes and engine packs installed under 1MSTS can only be playable via the 1MSTS installation choice at the top menu pull-down. They are not visible if you choose the Trainsimulations installation. Just the new era of routes and content are visible there.

    And like with MSTS, you have to create consists if you want to see new stock that you added become playable choices in the lower menus.

    Too many users tend to jump right in to the asset hoarding and route loading phase before they grasp the understanding of these top tier differences between MSTS and OR and suddenly "cannot see what they just added". Looking in the wrong installation will do that.
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    As you can probably tell, the confusion here is all a matter of where everything is filed.

    That's good news, because you will figure it out and then it will be simple. It's not fundamentally technically difficult. Just filing. In the right place.

    So . . . There are installations(s) for open rails and there are individual folders of rolling stock. The installation is the one that contains route(s) and rolling stock and consists and activities and stuff. That's what you point open rails toward (in the content tab). As far as particular pieces of rolling stock, you copy and paste those into the appropriate place within your installation and then open rails (and consist editors) find it.

    Rolling stock is copied and pasted into the TRAINSET folder within the TRAINS folder. The folder above that (1MSTS or whatever you name it) is what you point open rails towards and then it finds everything within it. If it has been properly put in the right place.

    Anyway, you asked about a consist editor. Yes. TSRE. It includes a consist editor, a route editor and a fledgling activity editor. Go to to download. It is free, thank you to the good efforts of Goku, who made it.

    To open the consist editor click on consistediter.bat

    The consist editor, like open rails, needs to know from you where is the folder(s) that contain those necessary open rails folders [GLOBAL, SOUND, ROUTES, TRAINS]. Like Open Rails, you tell it the top level folder that contains those four folders. It knows where to look for consists and rolling stock (in the TRAINSET folder within TRAINS).

    The consist editor reads and creates consists that are contained in the CONSIST folder that lives in the TRAINS folder. You can in theory create consists manually just by typing in the .con files within the CONSIST folder, but it is worlds easier to use a consist editor. It will show you all your rolling stock. You can edit consists and activities so you can substitute equipment if something is missing. It's pretty fun.

    The activity editor and the route editor are a little and a lot harder. Something to look forward to when all this becomes much clearer (which it will).

    There are some longer-form tutorials about this stuff on this website and at


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    This is what I see when I open content bin open rails. But I don't see none of the trains in Trainsets, and no consists.
    1MSTS C:\1MSTS
    Open Rails train simulator C:\Open Rails Train Simulator- ZZ
    Train Simulator C:\1MSTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maryland50+ View Post
    This is what I see when I open content bin open rails. But I don't see none of the trains in Trainsets, and no consists.
    1MSTS C:\1MSTS
    Open Rails train simulator C:\Open Rails Train Simulator- ZZ
    Train Simulator C:\1MSTS
    Did you look in the folders
    C:\Open Rails Train Simulator- ZZ\Trains\Trainset, and
    C:\Open Rails Train Simulator- ZZ\Trains\Consists folders and they are empty?

    Or do you mean that the
    Locomotive and Consist pull down lists in the OR menu are empty?

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    Right. When you are in open rails, you don't see all the trains.

    In order to see the trains in open rails, you have to put it into a consist or activity. Or use one that somebody else made. That consist/activity has to be filed in the right place (the CONSIST and ACTIVITIES folders, respectively - which live in the TRAINS and ROUTES folders, respectively). To make a consist, use a consist editor such as TSRE.

    Back in open rails, you can choose an activity if it applies for the route you've chosen. Or you can choose "Explore a Route" and then choose any consist you've got in the CONSISTS folder of that particular installation.

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    Ok, I found a few trains with consists and install them into 1MSTS in the Trainsets folder, and consists folder and they run good. Been trying to download TSRS version 0.697. It's doesn't download proper. So what version is a good version to download? 64 Bit. All I see is a small box that says choose folder containing global and routes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maryland50+ View Post
    ………….. All I see is a small box that says choose folder containing global and routes
    Just like ORTS you have to tell TSRE where your MSTS/ORTS installations are located C:\1MSTS and C:\Open Rails Train Simulator- ZZ

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    If that is the start of the consist editor that sounds right. You browse to find your 1MSTS folder (or any others you may have). Then it will be listed in the box and you can double click on it to start.

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