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    I'm a new member and I'm searching for the U-Bahn Berlin addon for MSTS . Where can I find it and how to install it please
    Thank you

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    Is this what you are looking for?

    Paul :-)

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    Yeah thank you so much but what about the route from ruhleben to pankow and how to add it please ?

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    What about the route and how can I add it ?

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    The U Bahn Berlin route for MSTS I believe was made by TML Studios back around 2005. It won't be available here because it is a payware route.

    Being a 14 year old route, I don't think TML has it anymore being that they have a line of separate subway sims not related to MSTS they sell.

    Might want to try eBay to see if you can buy a old copy of it.

    ADDED: There use to be a freeware version of some kind of U Bahn Berlin route on some of the European MSTS forum sites. Once again I suggest Googling "U-Bahn Berlin MSTS Freeware" or something like that to help you along.
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