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Thread: Southern Crescent on the Birgmingham Route.

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    Default Southern Crescent on the Birgmingham Route.

    After a long off-spell, I decided to load up ORTS and see the progress that's been made. I haven't played MSTS since probably back in 2011, so getting everything back up and running took a little time. I use to have several payware routes loaded on MSTS, FPM Surfliner, 3dts, Cajon Pass, most of those CD's or either lost or in a box. (I did recently find Cajon Pass CD, so I loaded that). I downloaded the NS Birmingham Route, and had the Southern Crescent on the hard drive in a download. Since the Birmingham route didn't come with Activities, or Consists, I had to recreate those and then validate them. I was able yesterday to get the Southern Crescent Activity to pass all the tests. I'm using Movavi to record screen, so I'm sure there is a little delay because of that, but all in all not bad, for a route that was created back in '09.'s a little "wayback" on the Southern Crescent...

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