I think I remember that one activity. But HERE we have SUCCESS! Vince, I updated to just the new Experimental Version, reduced my distance by 1/2 in Options and everything works great. Even my FPS went way up, so a very successful day.

I may have even learned something during this. It is good when you know what to look for, and how it may be corrected.

There are still some glitches in that activity within the confines of GCT Trackage, turnout indications that are either opposite to what is happening or non-existent. In Autopilot, the wrong doors open, opposite side at all stations. Now if only I/we could get those pesky pantographs on the M2's working with the AI's.

This is a nice route with a good variety of trains and activities. It is very well done, kudos to the editors!

Thank you all who had suggestions, this is the way us (Old) Amateurs learn.