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Thread: ORTS Steam locomotive injectors

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    One of the reasons I love running steam locomotives in train simulators is the system management that you have to do to keep the locomotive running. It's definitely more involved, which keeps me engaged.

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    Based upon my understanding of the operation of injectors, they were "simplified" in the OR code for the following reasons:

    i) Most people seem to use the AI fireman, so I didn't see the value in trying to model a variety of injector models. As pointed out they impact the heat in the boiler, loose effectiveness as the pressure drops, etc, so the current AI code attempts to to place some "restrictions" on the driver to simulate a form of working relationship with a fireman, however it will never be as good as using an independent "live" fireman. Perhaps extensive use of the manual fireman might change this approach.

    ii) Finding sufficient data to model different injector types is quite difficult, and I think beyond the level of interest of most users. However perhaps one approach would be to build up a library of appropriate injector models that users could select from. This would require some researchers to find the relevant information required to build these models.

    If there is sufficient interest I would be happy to look at this, however it would require quite detailed specification information about the injector, rather then just a broad generic description of its operation.

    For example to specify the injector we would require at least the following:

    i) Flow rate of the injector vs injector pressure
    ii) Output water temp - based upon the input water temperature and the steam heating applied
    iii) Steam consumption based upon water heating and water input, etc

    It would be possible to create a "cold water" injector where it feed out of the tender at ambient temperature (ie no heating at all) but this I believe would create problems with the AI fireman as he/she isn't smart enough to work out the best combination of injectors.

    It should also be remembered that some level of heating is applied simply by mixing steam with the water to push it from the tender into the boiler, so in theory it will never be at the same temperature as the tender water.

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