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Thread: Brass locomotive and rolling stock

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    Dunno why, but when I run a session on my Trainz model railroads I become oblivious to the brick walls, the baseboards, the fascia and the tilled floor. It becomes a real railroad rather than a model one.

    OK -- so this session corrects this. Brass models.

    The Dispatcher has made new purchases from the Hobby Shop. A brass steam locomotive, brass passenger cars and brass freight cars. He has invited you over for a session on his model railroad using these new items.

    Chuck, Joe, thanks for coming over this evening for a running session.
    I’m running a Dispatcher’s Special for rail enthusiasts. They will be arriving in two passenger cars on the Necktion Barge.
    The steam locomotive is at the Depot. Use it to run the loaded log cars standing at the Kohn Sawmill down to the Necktion Log Dump.
    Then take the visitors for a tour of our railroad. Visit the Stock Yard and Mine, stop for refreshments at Kohn Passenger Depot and let the visitors inspect the yards, call in at the Logging Camp, and then spot the passenger cars on the Innter Barge.
    Return to Kohn with the freight cars from the Innter Barge. Unload these cars at the Foundry and return to Depot.
    The logs and the coal should unload automatically. You will need to manually unload the casting sand and the aluminium ingots.

    The Dispatcher's Special (full screen / 1080p):

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    The Paint Shed Included With Trainz UTC does metallic colors nicely!


    Christopher Tarana

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