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Thread: PGP - Pinnacle Game Controller - Win10

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    I've thought about buying the Raildriver, but eventually gave up on the idea.

    Using my joypad instead of a keyboard is good enough for me.

    Some time ago I did see a video on YT. Some Russian guy created a realistic control stand of a Soviet diesel locomotive and used it for playing MSTS. These days you van make anything with a 3D printer and good electronics skills (both of which I lack, unfortunately).

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    Hi Folks,

    Happy to help...

    Yeah - not a fan of Rail Driver - think it had something to do with - when originally released - it was screen scraping the appropriate values off the displayed text values on the screen... That and I use numerous sims - so it wouldn’t really work for me...

    I’ve been trying to champion a cause for full Direct-X support for joysticks in ORTS... Then - instead of emulating keystrokes - the Sim is aware of the actual positions of the joysticks... So if you open a throttle 20% - the sim knows it’s open 20% and can react accordingly - which is what our flight sims have been doing since day one... A much better way of doing things and we would no longer need the intermediate software...


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