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Thread: Problem on Columbia Falls wye

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    Default Problem on Columbia Falls wye

    My train stops on the wye at C. Falls with "no path"-when I investigate with route editor, the yellow track line is missing on three pieces of track (I believe it is dynamic track)-
    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem-
    It's on the Marias Pass v.5

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    I guess nobody else seems to have the problem.

    Why are you investigating path difficulties with a route editor? Shouldn't you be using a path editor? Which route editor were you using? If it was the new one, did you protect against it doing inadvertent writes to the TDB?

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    Well, I just re-loaded the route, and that took care of it--I was also getting NO-PATH errors over some switches, and I found that the trailing points have to be switched correctly in O.R. (just as on a real r.r.), or it would give me a NO-PATH again--I dont think MSTS cared one way or the other, if I remember correctly

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    I'm pretty sure that MSTS wouldn't align a trailing point switch against the player unless another train was going to use it, so you likely never had that problem in MSTS

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