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    Default Timetable Issue

    I am driving myself insane trying to figure this out, so I'm hoping there are some timetable-editing aficionados on here that can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    When I try to run OR with the timetable I've created, it crashes on this error:

    Here is the definition from the editor:

    I have blanked it out here to put that red arrow to highlight it, but I previously had it as Route_1 in that Name field, but no matter what I put in there, I crash on this "not found in timetables" error. What is it looking for that isn't there?

    What am I missing/doing wrong here, anyone know?

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    Put : between hours and minutes in start time

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't resolve the issue -- crashed on the same thing with a : in the start time.

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    Could you show your timetable screen?

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    Here's the definition portion at the top:

    Here's the station times filled in:

    Thanks for your help with this!

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    First of all, it would help if you attached the full logfile, this gives much more and more detailed information of what's going wrong.
    If you have logging enabled in the main menu, you will find the logfile on your desktop.

    In the error window it is noted that there is a problem with the train's path - it states that 'route_1' is not found.
    Perhaps the path is defined but may be broken. You should check the path with the OR track viewer and see if it is defined and correct.

    Rob Roeterdink

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    Okay, I'll check the path more carefully then. I definitely have a path called Route_1, so it must be something within the path itself that is wrong. Thanks for the reply.

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