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Thread: Alter F unit cabview?

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    Default Alter F unit cabview?

    I've been reading up on DIRECTION and POSITION parameters-but I'n not sure that it will help with this:
    The F-unit cabviews I use have the left-side view showing the headlight too far over to the left,it seems that it should be more on the center-line of the track--
    Which parameter should I change to slide the whole view to the right? Or rather, to slide the whole OUTSIDE to the left?

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    If you are hitting the number 5 key, its the inside view of the .eng file, look for "inside".
    If you are hitting the number 1 key and then using your arrow keys left or right, then its in the cabview .cvf file, left or right.
    It is in the cabview folder.
    Position moves the point you are viewing from, probably what you want.
    Direction changes the angle you are looking towards.



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    Got it Rick-thanks

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