Personally, I have an unusual interest in timetables/schedules, and have so since childhood. Anyhow, I was just wondering if anybody uses any of the Australian routes that are available for MSTS?

I am currently running an activity (in OR) that runs from Footscray to Bacchus Marsh with a fairly tight schedule, but not nearly as tight as what it could be. I am using an SAR 930 class diesel with a few VR carriages attached.

What I posted this for is to hopefully get some responses from those who are interested in passenger train running with schedules that can only just be performed on time, with decent driving skills.

Anyhow, for those who may be curious, the timetable is as follows:

Footscray - 0626
Sunshine - 0633
Ardeer - 0637
Deer Park - 0640
Rockbank - 0650
Melton - 0657
Bacchus Marsh - 0708

It is possible to arrive Bacchus Marsh 7-8 minutes early with this consist, but the program doesn't tend to like this, and I left Ardeer late anyhow due to unexpected stops.

There are other routes I've set near impossible schedules on and still managed to perform them. Edit: Of course, this is without exceeding the speed limits, departing platforms with passengers still alighting (etc).