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Thread: Windows 10 Update Reminder

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    Default Windows 10 Update Reminder

    Windows 10 "19H2" (might be called 1909 or 1910) is almost here. The "Insiders" are doing unpaid final quality control, and it's likely to arrive on or about the November 2019 Patch Tuesday. So it's time to think about doing an image backup of our current Windows 10 systems if they're not done frequently otherwise - the only reliable way of rolling it back should something bad happen. If you like living on the edge, perhaps it would be worth putting it off until the second round of October updates arrives during the last week (do I really want an update that has a release date of Halloween?), or maybe not (those often get rolled up with the next regular updates, and are often worth skipping because they tend to mess things up more often). Just a word to the wise ... cheers!

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    After the earlier HD debacle with the 1903 update earlier in the year, I relented a few weeks and let it run as I don't want to get orphaned from the security updates. Pleased to say whatever the issue was previously with the new version not seeing secondary hard drives had gone away and everything has run nicely (so far).

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