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Thread: Simple Controls vs Full Controls

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    Default Simple Controls vs Full Controls


    Some of you may have found the "Simple Controls and Physics vs Full Controls and Physics" discussion on Elvas Tower.

    I am one of those who likes to approach OR as a "train simulator", perhaps less bothered about high quality scenery and more interested that the train performs like the real thing - including the major controls relevant to operation of locomotives.

    There was however a post on here some time ago, where a user was getting frustrated by the existing complexities of OR and wanted it to be easier to drive trains so that they could just enjoy the scenery. There seemed to be a number of people supportive of that view of things. I was going to post a link to the thread for folks on the other side of the pond at UK Train Sim. However I have been unable to relocate the original thread.

    Probably my own incompetence, I could not work out how to search only within the Open Rails Discussion on this site.

    So please post the link if you have it or add your own thoughts here or on ET or UKTS.



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    My motto has always been "I want it as real as it gets."

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    But some would say, make it look real and the physics are just ok.

    Some like to watch the train, some like to drive the train.

    We have all types here.

    Is it really so hard to put simple and real options in the same game and make a choice witch to use?



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    Hi Folks,

    Much like I like my Flight Sim - I'm looking for as realistic as practical here - that's what keeps me coming back...


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    Same as Scott. Next to nothing in my flightsim or trainsim bares resemblance to anything "default" or "gamey'' looking. It's a simulator, and with OR and all of the efforts made in the physics area over the years, we can have a real good mix of both, and do!
    As well, from a railroad operations perspective, look at some of geepster's crazy complicated activities. Yowza!

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    It's all up to personal preferences I suppose.
    I've never been a professional railroader and enjoy learning how the pros do a job that hold much "mystery" for yours truly.
    As for flight sim, I had over 40 years and 20,000 hours as a professional pilot and there's no mystery that flight sim holds for me so I find myself hitting the Ctrl-E keys to start my engines and go fly. Had enough of "cold, dark cockpit" starts. When I earned my last jet type rating, it took us as a crew to go from cold and dark to taxi about 30 minutes due to the length and complexity of the checklists! And this was after 3 weeks in type school with a full motion sim. After a few flights, less than 10 min! Thankfully, there were no pax on that first flight. I know others though who prefer realistic starting with the complete checklist. I'm sure there are current and retired railroaders who like it "as real as it gets" in their OR and MSTS. Personal preferences.


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    Indeed there are different preferences. I myself don't care so much for the driving aspect, as I do the passenger aspect. as someone who is disabled, I can't get out and ride the rails either domestically or internationally as I would like to. MSTS/ORTS gives me a way to do that, including ones of years past, as well. Such as the PRR-ER and the BRoadway Limited for example.

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