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Thread: Problems with saving consists.

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    MSTS Great Northern "Empire Builder"
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    Size: 1,281,296 Date: 08-01-2011 Downloads: 1,186

    MSTS Great Northern "Empire Builder" for 3DTrains version 3.0 F Unit A-B-A set. An A-B-A set based on Great Northern passenger F3's. The A units have individual numbers (352-A and 352-C) and the "trailing" unit does not have visible crew or flags. This repaint is one of a series of former files being released here at Original v3.0 F unit set by 3Dtrains, GN repaint by Ron Pauldon.

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    The naming of consist filename and the entry of the Name line (also called Display Name) is totally up to the user. There is no convention. Activity creators tend to name consists in a manner that describes their use in an Activity as in "UP-Coal-SLC-DVR" meaning Union Pacific locos pulling coal hoppers from Salt Lake City to Denver.. Those who just explore tend to name them to describe the consist as in 4-SP-SD70_120-HRS for four Southern Pacific SD70 locos and 120 Hopper cars.

    There has been a convention for Window OSs of the filenames since MSDOS of Name, a period, and extension. In your example of "AUnitSkin_GN_262A.eng" "AUnitSkin_GN_262A" is the name and "eng" is the extension. MSTS established the convention for extensions: eng=locos, wag=wagons/cars, con=consists.
    Saving consists with the name "AUnitSkin_GN_262A.eng.con" would not fool Windows, MSTS or ORTS but it would be confusing to others. Is it an ENG or a CON?

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