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Thread: Not getting full engine power?

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    I was able to get a roll on the "coal train" when reverting back to the earlier Open Rails 08-08-2019 build. Projected speed was approaching 30 by the end of the video. Of note is how the GP9 seems to be pulling more early on than the GP40. Things got slippery after 5 mph or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geepster775 View Post
    On another railfan forum, there was a discussion going on over how CN seems to be plugged up on it's prairie main lines. One person who worked for CN stated that CN prefers to dispatch it's monster trains with 0.4 hp/ton if AC traction is involved, and 0.6 hp/ton if the train has DC traction engines. The discussion centered on whether CN could untangle their situation if they just powered up their trains a bit more allowing more of them to successfully make their destination terminal within h.o.s. resulting in less siding storage and less dog-catching.
    Is it possible to find the Tonnage Ratings for the relevant train consist as this would provide a more accurate comparison based upon a definitive example?

    For example, certainly in days past, most US and Canadian railways appear to have used an "Equated Tonnage Rating" method to determine the relevant load on the train based upon the ruling gradient, locomotive power, track and weather conditions.

    As an example see this page ( ) from a 1945 publication. I have also seen some more recent examples. Perhaps others may have relevant information to share.

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