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Thread: PO&N question

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    Just to be clear, I'm not saying the ORTS AI Code chunk is wrong.

    The Sniper identified a couple of fail places involving the MSTS AI Code chunk. He worked around those when he built the routes. Thing is the ORTS AI Code chunk may NOT know what those work-arounds are trying to do, and so throws up it's hands when it encounters them.

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    Would it cause problems with the A.I. if I deleted the dwarf signals with the route editor?

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    Yes. Might be able to bury them in the ground if they bother you.

    The PO&N is very complex, Making any changes to the tracks or signals is asking for a corrupted route. You would have to know what Jim Ward had done when he found workarounds for the limitations of MSTS to understand how it all works. These are legacy routes and probably best left alone.


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    I backed up the route, and used TSRE to lower those dwarfs into the ground (and clear up some items to the north of Anderson) and saved,but when I went back to the route in OR,everything was just as it was before, like the save didnt take!

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    My mistake! I started the wrong version of the PO&N-the changes were kept

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    Note in the MSTS activity Editor that the activities are laid out with very short paths. So all the distributed-with-the-route are built just so.
    The idea is you the player are a slow local freight that runs the route off path and you have to contend with the very complex AI traffic scheme. You have to give way to all the AI! When you come to a reg signal you wait . . . never more than a couple of minutes and you'll get clear. It was SO much fun to 'play' any of the "open" activities where I you're supposed to make up your own pick up and drop off order.
    Be sure to read Sniper97's (Jim Ward's) route documentation . . . The route is unlike ANY other in MSTS in that all the activities are 'open' and run with no set path for the player.
    Reading the documentation is absolutely essential for understanding how the route is set up. He does as I recall explain the reason for all those dwarf signals. It's for AI control. The player should never be on the rails where these signals appear, Note the difference in the signals where player trains run. Do remember these are TWO separate tracked routes with separate signal systems only connected where they're the Absolute Interlockings with all those funny dwarf's . . . and they are prototypical for the PO&N...

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