As my last post illustrates, about Shape Viewer, let's look at what WE are doing while and when we are doing it!

Follow those Instructions as well as look at Pre-Requisites that will make your Download Work. Be careful to Copy-and-Paste carefully and re-examine what you have just installed, there may be something missing or in the wrong place. So much is asked of the People on here, when it may be a very simple correction or problem with a misplaced character.

I have felt that I have wasted People's time by asking a question, but usually it can be solved in a simple answer, PLEASE stop making the answers complicated, or wrong by not reading the Whole Question posed. We are not all as well versed in computers as some may think. We like P&P! That goes for everything here in the library, but please people READ the Instructions and/or the Required files first to make sure you have, in YOUR possession the required files as written in the file you are downloading. Stop wasting people's time, but do not stop asking questions! Just please go over your installation first, then you can make an intelligent request for assistance. We have all been guilty of this at one time, do not give up.

'nuff said. Open Rails and the new Shape Viewer and TSRE5 all ROCK!