I just posted on YouTube, at https://youtu.be/pvaYgER_50k, the newest version of TrainMaster. My AAR105 control stand has been fitted with a custom made circuit board and software made by Rail Simulations, Inc. which reads the voltage outputs from the control stand and converts them to keystrokes understood by Open Rails.

Running the newest version of the Seligman Subdivision, the simulation is incredibly realistic, as I can testify from my "ancient" experience as a locomotive fireman on the Seligman Subdivision (formerly the 4th District of the Albuquerque Division of the former Santa Fe). The simulation shows the highlights of switching industry tracks, assembling a train, and running from Flagstaff to Winslow - a 4+ hour trip condensed into its highlights. Simulation can't get more realistic than this.

Copy the URL above and paste it in your browseror or, on YouTube, search for TrainMaster. Let me know what you think.

Bob Leilich