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    Default Hello From TSCAD Developer


    My name is Kevin Morgan and I am the developer of the upcoming dispatching software for Run 8 called TSCAD (Train Simulator and Computer Aided Dispatcher).

    I apologize for not introducing myself sooner, but I only just learned about today. So I immediately signed up. I will certainly be making any future announcements here on the forums.

    The folks at Run 8 set out with a goal of realism for the sim. Real-world physics and whatnot. I took the same tact when developing TSCAD. I have always been fascinated by dispatching and I thought it would be great to have a companion product that allowed for simulated real-world dispatching. Thanks to a few contacts, I was able to study a real world dispatching platform to integrate features in to TSCAD. These include things such as route stacking, fast routes, track and time, turnout and signal lockouts, and more.

    I know that many folks received some sticker shock at the initially announced prices for TSCAD. For that, I again apologize. This entire endeavor stems from my own passion and it is a one man gig. Just myself. I've never created a product such as this on my own, so the initial pricing was based on feedback from some people that I knew. I am not doing this to become independently wealthy and I'm not looking to soak the end user. That is exactly why, when I heard the negative reactions to the initial pricing structure, I immediately re-evaluated that pricing structure and dropped the prices to the new levels ahead of the release.

    If you are passionate about dispatching, I hope you will consider giving TSCAD a try. I love dispatching and I actually have enjoyed testing the software by opening up SoCal from LA to Seligman to Bakersfield, dispatching it all with AI trains.

    Take care!

    Kevin Morgan
    Form B Studios

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    Gosh Kevin... You've or TSCAD1/2 been around Run8 least from 2014/15 & just learning of lol... not computing..
    Anyways, Welcome to the outside world. Watch out for the warden's here & there though...
    I'll admit, eventually I'll have to make a purchase in an effort to keep up with the times.
    I'm all for small business, esp. if it helps promote, enhance, perhaps foster a love of the RRs to anyone, any capacity they've a mind to.
    When my time comes, which shouldn't be too long these days.
    I'll surely be taking Run8.3, RTS.2, exDS, &, TSCAD3 with me. Got too much invested to leave behind...
    I'll be mining daises, shipped via Run8 of course.

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    Greetings from Down Under, Kevin.

    I for one appreciate your immediate and positive reaction to the concern raised herein regarding the cost of your program.
    Many thanks for adjusting the pricing.

    Just one need to update the information that you have on your release announcement on your website as it still shows the original pricing structure.

    Regards to you.
    IBM XT i386; 512Kb RAM; 5.25" FDD; 1.4Mb FDD; 5Mb HDD; VGA 256-colour graphics card; AdLib soundcard; DR DOS 6.0; Windows 3.0

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    Welcome to the forum Kevin, and thank you for listening to our concerns and addressing them through the price change.
    I think it's fair to say that we are all passionate about all aspects of realistic railroad operation including dispatching and that's the reason we use Run8 and are keen to give your program TSCAD a try.
    Wishing you success and looking forward to the day your program is released.


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    Hi Kevin, as i said on The Depot forum (Neyland).

    I am more than happy to support you and TSCAD, with your revised pricing structure.

    Good luck with your endeavour and further development.

    Yma O Hyd

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