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Thread: LIRR on MSTS

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    Question LIRR on MSTS

    Good evening.
    I wanted to ask if LIRR routes and trains are available for download on MSTS. The trains that I would like to download are the M7 or the M2, but in general all of today's rolling stock.

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    Hate to be flippant, but did you try a file library search for "Long Island" and/or "LIRR"? I got 4 pages of results for "Long Island" with the route right up front, though the last page also pulled in a few other things. Unfortunately, there seem to be no models of the modern stock - perhaps an opportunity to build some? Though the route seems to be set in a mid-20th-century timeframe with all the close-in branches operating that were removed by the 1990s. And in its present form it doesn't go out very far - haven't run it in a while, but iirc the main line doesn't quite reach Hicksville.

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    May not be modern, but it is a truly fabulous route!
    Yes, we need more Long Island rolling stock. It is on our (BLWZT) list to make a Long Island RR set, but we have done a grand total of one alco switcher and have been working on other things or (mostly) distracted with real life. So it won't be soon.

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    Yes I played the LIRR route that is there and I liked it a lot. But turning to google I saw many videos and discussions on forums where you could still see convoys like the M3, M7, or routes set in our day, there were also attached links, even if they are impossible to reach. The routes and trains I've seen can't be unloaded anymore?

    sorry for any grammatical errors but they are not native English speakers

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    Perhaps other train simulators (Trainz or Dovetail's Train Simulator 2019) that aren't so popular at this forum?

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