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Thread: New Shape Viewer DDS Textures

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    Yup! Finally got everything working. Thank you Ged & Gerry for your information. Again you guys came to the rescue. Amazing the difference a ":" makes in a Computer Program! LOL

    All is good here in the Northland once again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottb613 View Post
    Hi Folks,

    Glad it seems to work for most...

    As a modeler - it's sooo much better to just export straight from my paint program to DDS - vs dealing with "TGA Tool" or "Aceit"... Now I can open my work quickly and easily for review in Shape Viewer - a huge time saver...

    Yeah - that Paul guy is really just too much - the stuff he made for the general Train Sim community is just a small fraction of his work - he's made so many scripts for 3DC to specifically build trains - I don't think I'd be modeling without them...

    Just for the record - Paul left Train Sims years ago - so dusting off his old code for the benefit of this community really speaks volumes on the man's character...

    If anyone deserves an achievement medal around here - it's certainly Paul...

    Many thanks as well...

    Hi Scott

    Sorry to dust off this old thread, but is it possible to contact Paul or get the source code for Shape Viewer? We recently got the authors to release the source code for Route Riter and TSUtils, and it would be great to have the source codes for the supporting programs.


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