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Thread: Selkirk/Mohawk update out

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    Default Selkirk/Mohawk update out

    BACKUP YOUR CONFIG.IND AND TRAFFIC.R8 FILES. This update will overwrite them.

    Here's a look at the Changelog:

    LAB Bridge: Both tracks across this bridge are now governed by a bridge-signal icon which governs the signals on either side of the bridge, controllable from the box just above
    the track diagram in the F3 Screen
    - Red = drawbridge unsafe
    - Green = safe
    - For normal operations, leave this signal-icon set to Green. If you want to simulate the drawbridge in-use for river traffic, then set the signal icon to Red
    Fixed a few incorrect track-tags
    Fixed incorrect track-speed on Track 7 between CP-286 and CP-291
    Fixed signal issues with CP-SH
    Fixed WB signal issue at CP-175 all three tracks
    Fixed Auto 274 WB M2 when CP-278 diverges
    Fixed CP-282 Track 4 WB signal links
    Fixed signal issue at Auto-285 M1 WB
    Fixed several WB signal issues at CP-286
    Fixed signal issue at Auto-287
    Fixed signal issues CP-290 WB and EB
    Fixed several signal issues at CP-142
    Fixed a couple signal issues at CP-156; also added Restricting aspect for trains wanting to enter the stub-track; added DS control for stub-track signal
    CP-SE now has a WB signal controlled by the Yardmaster
    CP-SW now has a EB signal controlled by the Yardmaster
    Auto-9 WB signal fixed
    Auto-3 SB signal fixed
    Auto-130 NB (River Sub) fixed
    CP-125, CP-124, Auto-121
    - This area presents an unusual circumstance. I am told in real life, Amtrak treats CP-124 as a Limited crossover, but CSX trains as a Medium crossover, due to some special Amtrak cab-signal magic, and that CP-125's switch is Medium speed. I've left CP-124 as a Limited crossover and changed CP-125 to Medium. I've taken the liberty of adding a third signal head to CP-124 Main 1 NB, and to CP-125 SB, to allow for Medium- Approach-Medium aspects when needed, which for the purposes of the simulation, makes more sense. Amtrak, when crossing-over at CP-124, should see Limited aspects since they don't diverge at CP-125. Trains that diverge at CP-125 and 124 NB should see Med-App-Med on the triple-head signal. Since NORAC has no Limited-Approach norLimited-Approach-Medium, the only other option available was Medium-Approach or Medium-Clear, and neither one is ideal, nor can we have an Approach-Medium at CP- 124 if diverging. So there ya have it; I love east-coast signals...
    CP-FB has been relaid and the DS Screen has been re-diagrammed a bit to reflect the changes there
    - Entering the Inbound Track from Main 1, your switches will now all be Normal
    Various sections of track have been relaid between CP-FB and CP-169 to correct flaws
    Work Safe play hard

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