For some of you, this might be easy to correct but, after 3 days of trying to figure how, it seems i cannot correct the altitude of new sections of tracks.

I am adding tracks, A to B, to a portion of my route with TSRE5. All is fine until that trackage comes to meet at an Xover with another section of the route, C to D. To my surprise, both tracks are not at the same level or altitude. I then start MSTS-RE and verify the tracks. All sections on C-D are at altitude 0.000 in the Object window. Checking the sections on A-B, I discovered that they are at altitude 0,000 until one is at -0,014. When i just place a new section not connected with any other, its altitude is 0,000. The sequence is: 100m, 40m, 300r20, any other section attached to this last one and the following are at -0,014. Those 3 sections are on the same tile but near the border of another tile. Many times in the past days, i did reset the height in TSRE5 and in MSTS with no luck. Included is a diagram of the tracks.


Any help will be greatly welcome.