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Thread: run8 news as of 12/2

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    Default run8 news as of 12/2

    Run 8 News
    December 2, 2019

    Run 8 Studios provided the following update on what’s been going on behind the scenes.

    We are still working on v3. Allot of new features in v3 are requiring more work than we initially thought it would take. We are also working on a few new regions for v3 which takes up allot of our time. We are still probably another year out before v3 is released.

    Also, another v2 program update (9) will be coming out later this week along with a new route and a new mixed freight car pack. We are busy and we are listening.

    Thank you for your support and patience everyone, and we wish everyone a safe and fun holiday season.

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    Thank You ht-57 for relaying the news.

    Yeah figured we were still a fair way off with V3, Oh well just gives me more time to save for a new computer, which will probably be needed with V3 and increasing new rolling stock. Mixed freight car packs are welcome, as would more container wagon packs and locomotives while waiting for V3.

    New Route - UP LA Sub ? - UP Fresno ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WesternDivision View Post
    Thank You ht-57 for relaying the news.
    Ditto from me - most appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by WesternDivision View Post
    .......a new computer,..
    Exactly what I will be doing in the first quarter of 2020.....ordering a new system from my trusted PC man. (I can't be bothered building another up after 25 years+ of building PCs, both professionally and personally).

    Brought about by two things; the drop of support by MS for Windows 7 and the release next year of FSim 2020.
    My current Windows 10 unit, whilst perfectly capable of handling emails and Google and YT, has only enough graphical grunt to play Solitaire!
    IBM XT i386; 512Kb RAM; 5.25" FDD; 1.4Mb FDD; 5Mb HDD; VGA 256-colour graphics card; AdLib soundcard; DR DOS 6.0; Windows 3.0

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    Appreciate the update, ht-57.

    And like you Bruce, I will be looking to change the PC next year mainly with FS2020 in mind. The current box is getting on for 5 or 6 years old in terms of the motherboard, CPU and memory and really is beyond the point at which swapping in a new graphics card makes any difference.

    There are a couple of companies in the UK who will build a PC to your required spec., thus avoiding the tin roof retail outlets like Currys who charge £200 more for a box that uses cheap components and is stuffed with pre-installed junk you don't need!

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    Yes thank-you for the update. Good information to know and it's appreciated from this member of the community. Kudos to Run8 for providing some new information.



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