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Thread: Assistance Requested - Fresh MSTS Install Crashing to Desktop on Windows 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftldave View Post
    Did you increase the usable memory with the -mem: switch?

    That was my thoughts as well. My MSTS never ran stable on the newer OSes, but the editors (esp activity editor) were always a touch more reliable provided I maximized the memory usage along with having that infamous and otherwise useless DEFAULT folder in the Trainset. The occasional editor use was all I ever fired it up for.

    If you have any DDS-only content, however, you can forget using any MSTS editors. They flat out will not load when reading a Trainset folder that contains any content that is DDS only. So if you are successful in getting the editors to work, consider it a short shelf life if you have any aspirations of buying today's standard of new content as time marches on. I'm sure those helpful MSTS people who are champions of not making software suggestions would have told you that anyway, right Dave?
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    Have you set the Property box of train.exe to run as Administrator? Makes a big difference.

    Cheers Bob.

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    This thread has been dormant for a few weeks as I have been able to run Open Rails without incident. However, I still want to get back into activity creation and TSRE's activity editor just isn't quite there yet. With that being said, let me check back in with a few unanswered inquiries or suggestions.


    I currently have my shortcuts formatted as follows:

    MSTS simulator - C:\1MSTS\train.exe -mem:4096
    MSTS editors - C:\1MSTS\train.exe -toolset -mem:2048

    Neither at this point are able to load to their respective screens. I've played around with the memory amount (1024, 2048, 4096), however none seem to do the trick.


    I'll have to look to see to make sure. But off the top of my head I can't think of any stock that I have that wouldn't be backwards-compatible to MSTS.


    Bob, both train.exe and launcher.exe are both set to run as administrator in their properties.


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    I might note that given its age, unmodified MSTS might not be able to effectively use more than 2 GB of RAM (-mem:2048). It's 32-bit software, designed well before any 64-bit operating systems were common, when most software was designed to run within the normal 2 GB virtual memory limit for 32-bit Windows applications. That said, at one point, I did apply a (edit: Large Address Aware - search for "LAA") patch I found somewhere (not MSTS-specific) that sets a flag in the executable explicitly allowing it the full 4 GB allocation provided to 32-bit software in 64-bit Windows, and it didn't crash with -mem:4096 when testing in Windows 7. I'm not sure it would do much good; you would have to do some testing to see if the additional memory beyond 2048 is actually used. (Edit: when I tested, I couldn't push it past 2GB of actual memory usage as reported in Windows Task Manager, even with -mem:4096. Part of that, probably, was the inability to find Really Big Routes at the time, and hardware limitations otherwise.)

    ORTS was designed from the start for full memory access (up to the 4096 limit for 32-bit software, which for now it remains though 64-bit builds are being tested). No tweaks are necessary. A 2GB-limited executable is available for those with very limited machines running 32-bit Windows (at least, the option was in the main (now quite elderly) stable release), but I see no reason for most of us to worry about it.

    BTW, the 4 GB allocation limit is VIRTUAL MEMORY, not physical RAM. It's built into Windows. You could (nobody would recommend it) run 64-bit Windows in 2GB of physical RAM, and provide 4GB of "RAM" to 32-bit software. The disk swapping would be legendary. There are differences between the Home/Pro/Enterprise etc. editions related to maximum physical and virtual RAM in 64-bit mode (well above what I would or even can have in my computers), but for 32-bit software the hard limit is 4 GB of virtual memory per main process.

    In principle, 32-bit software can be built to use more than 4 GB, and certain older Windows builds (especially Server builds) allowed that, but since Windows 8 those options have gone away.
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