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Thread: Roseville Subdivision (donner pass) v0.1

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    What I find interesting with the Donner2 route that there is a lot of 3DTS shape files in the route. Colfax & Truckee stations, Fuel stands, a hotel, the big fuel rack facilty, etc. I didn't see anything in the readme's for acknowledgements unless I missed it. Usually a route using payware shape & texture details in the download library here gets yanked faster than poop through a goose. Like the CN Champaign Sub that was released a year or so back. When it was found out that it had a ton of 3DT shapes & textures in it, it was yanked.
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    Is this a "complete" route minus rolling stock and activities?

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    Yes Ccomplete route with some test activites. For real experience you have to make one. I have been looking in library but did not find any for this route.
    As far as blank textures building goes, manage to find out what texture that building uses. It uses blank.ace file, so did check if i got one in other route. And yes of course i do, in every route. I did open that .ace file and its blank (black color). So.... i did some editing on that spot in route editor. I did manage to replace that building with my own. I dowloaded form library few files and replced it.
    It works. No errors nothing. From where that texuter is missing. No idea.

    Thank you guys for the help, again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gammaray84 View Post
    Very interesting. Yes i own Donner Pass from 3dts, but as you said, that thing is "period piece". So i came across this v.01.
    Version 2 is working very well, bu tthere is some kind of missing texture i would say.
    In Sparks there is big building and its colored blue as no texture (blank). But there is shape only. So i went to editor to find out what this is.
    Its called "NUGGET". I do have 3 files in route folder with that name. (nugget.thm, nugget.s and They are all in Shapes folder.
    And this is where my knowlege of fixing this building ends. Is there anything i can do to fix it? Any idea would be welcome.
    I think those blue boxes are left over from v0.1. The original route builder made the shapes but had no textures to apply to them.

    As for "is it a complete route" - for some value of "complete," yes. It mostly works. It is "complete" in the MSTS freeware route sense - it has at least one activity using default MSTS stock, and an installme.bat file copies things from the MSTS directories so you need MSTS installed for it will work. There are some track problems in ORTS; the one that's affected me is a crossover just east of the western Roseville yard entrance that stalls trains. Some Roseville Yard tracks, also, are still buried. But for the most part scenery and major track errors in v0.1 are corrected. That said, I've been unable to set up an eastbound path that works in ORTS; not to say that it's impossible, but a couple of eastbound paths that I built with 0.1 in MSTS are quite broken in ORTS, and I can't get the Track Viewer to show me exactly where or let me fix them (or build new ones). Yes, there's TSRE5, but I haven't dedicated the time necessary to climb the learning curve for that, yet.

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