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Thread: Various Screenshots with no particular theme... Part 2020

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    I`ll add some NWL 6 shots of my own. I have done some modding but I`m sure Tie will recognize the locations

    A manifest out of Delmenton rolling through the suburbs and passing Atlas Steel.
    Open Rails 2020-07-24 03-16-11.jpg

    A local out of Korimer passing the extensive Husky Refinery in East Korimer.
    Open Rails 2020-07-20 12-28-24 (2).jpg

    The Falden Turn finishes it`s work in Welberg and prepares to continue west while the Stinky Slinky rolls by on the main.
    Open Rails 2020-03-06 09-06-24.jpg


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    Default NWLv6 Activity in progress.

    Thanks,Rory.Here's a few more shots with a CP freight along the side.
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