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Thread: Mini-routes in Windows 10

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    Default Mini-routes in Windows 10

    I used Route Riter to create a mini-route. Followed the instructions on the Steam4Me tutorial, things didn't go exactly as advertised, had to move trainset and consist folders/files manually, but otherwise appeared to work correctly.

    My route opens fine in the Editors & Tools application, but when I try to open the simulator itself it give me a black screen and crashes.

    Yes, my route has an activity with paths, correct trainset and consist entries. The route works fine in the original setting.

    I must be missing something else.

    I've set up mini-routes on XP and W7 machines, no problem, but my new computer has Windows 10. I don't know whether that's an issue or not.

    I've tried looking through the wonderful search function here, but as in the past, it just gives me a headache.

    Does anyone have any recent experience in setting up mini-routes in Windows 10 and can share some suggestions?


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    A shot in the chance do you have OpenRails installed?

    Try starting your route with OR - have logging enabled -- the contents of the log file may provide a clue as to the issue.

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