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Thread: Can A Tunnel Loft Be Scaled?

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    Default Can A Tunnel Loft Be Scaled?

    Can a tunnel loft be scaled? The loft in question is the Donner Pass single track tunnel liner. It needs to be 1m wider on each side to match the snowshed I built. Flip side. I tried to rescale the shed to close the gap but the overall size of the shed changed... I may be using the scale tool wrong. I just need to either 1. make the liner a bit wider, or make the shed a bit narrower.

    Worst case is that I modify the model, but would rather not do that. The darn thing has a mind of its own. Any modifications cause it not to even load in 3DC.


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    Well, I was able to make the modification's on the model. It took some trickery to get 3DC to make a shape, but hey, it worked! The model should now fit flush with the end of the tunnel liner.

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