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Thread: More routes?

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    Default More routes?

    I'm new to using Open Rails, and was wondering where I can find more routes that are suitable for Open Rails which are not dependent on payware?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anything in the file library can be used for open rails, but some have more "modern" standards of detail. Earlier routes often required an "installme.bat" file to be run, copying over files from MSTS default routes into the route you just installed. Which is a problem if you don't have MSTS.

    Some routes I'd particularly recommend:
    - Anything that covers an area or railroad you really like
    - Anything by Paul Charland
    - Horseshoe curve
    - Monon
    - Milwaukee Road, Rocky Mountain East and actually all the routes from the Pacific Extension
    - Monson Railroad (2 ft gauge in Maine)
    - Cima Subdivision (UP)
    - London & Port Stanley (an interurban in Canada)
    - Long Island RR

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    In addition to the excellent suggestions of conductorchris:
    - Anything from Bob Wirth
    - Whitefish V9 (there are 10 versions) (library:
    - Cajon Pass 4 (search the library; a number of files)
    - Mactier Sub (free download from:
    - BNSF Scenic Route (free download from
    - Lehigh and Hudson River 4.0 (library:
    - Surfliner 2.3 (search the library; a number of files)

    Please note that some routes that come complete with activities, use default equipment from MSTS. Or use some payware equipment. That is easily changed out with a consist editor. There is an older freeware editor available from the library: convoi. A much more modern editor can be found in TSRE5. But I find that it doesn't handle missing rolling stock as well. So I'd suggest using Convoi for replacing missing rolling stock. If you want to change out rolling stock in a consist, the consist editor in TSRE5 is the way to go.


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    There's also the CN Blackfoot v3, which I'm surprised no one has mentioned...

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    Don't forget NEC v4.

    Also I have been playing 2 British routes - Mid East Plus and Scottish Central Plus. Both are available on CD from UKTrainSim for a nominal cost. They are huge routes with much stock and activities. It took some fiddling to get then set up as miniroutes for OR as they were designed to run with MSTS and expect the usual MSTS setup.

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