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Thread: Comparing the Current Socal Surfliner Routes

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    Default Comparing the Current Socal Surfliner Routes

    TLR, For those who own the DTG LA to SD Route and have used the Surfliner 2.2/2.3 freeware, are there major differences? Is the freeware route seemingly better since, by the looks of screenshots, having been recently updated compared to DTG's?

    Recently I did some digging into old routes and came across the Marias Pass SUPER classic route from way back when I had the CD of Train Simulator and the new Hi-Line route just released. It seemed there was a way to combine routes on Steam and this led me to want to drive an Empire Builder along the combined Hi-Line and Marias Pass. Then amtrak made me think of the Surfliner route I bought a long time ago now and wondered if there was a addon to that route. Not finding one on steam, I turned to google and found the Surfliner 2.2 route going all the way to San Luis Obispo. From the screenshots, it looks amazing and the recent updates give me confidence the creators/fans are actively involved. However, I'm a new user to modding TS. I'm wondering will it work on the steam? Is it worth the time to download the whole package plus the 3 requirements or is the DTG route good enough for a simpleton like myself?

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    Honestly, just save you'er self the cash and get and get the one form the file library.

    The DTG route is good but the quality of some of the rolling stock isn't the best and if you want more rolling stock to play with on the route, you better get your credit card ready.

    The real clincher is that the MSTS/OR Surfliner is the full 350 mile route between San Diego and San Luis Obispo, while the DTC Surfliner only covers the LA to San Diego section of the route.

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    I second @stlsf4003's comment. Get the file library download of Surfliner 2.3. Its been awhile since I've used the route so I haven't tried it with the .3 update. But Surfliner 2 is one of the best in the business as far as routes are concerned, free or payware.

    I did a few activities available in the F/L a few years ago. Take a look at the stock used within to get a feel of what kind of stock is best for that route. I used quite a bit of different items in that pack, but it was what's required for the most realistic experience.


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    I'm actively working on Surfliner V2.4 with the help of the routes author. We are adding missing connector tracks in the LA area at present. I also plan to incorporate part of the UPRR on the opposite side of the LA river.


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    Thank you for all the responses! Looks like I'll be downloading Surfliner. Thank you!

    @Robert, I appreciate that you and the authors are continuing to support and improve the line. I will be enjoying it shortly!

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