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Thread: NS sells off F7s why?

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    Default NS sells off F7s why?

    Norfolk Southern sold the F7s off that used to pull the executive train. Why would they sell them?

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    Speculation has something to do with change in management.

    Other speculation has to do with bracing for a economic recession that is looming. The RR is trying to hoard cash to make it through rough times ahead.

    There is a discussion on RYPN about these locomotives. Lots to wade through over there.


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    Nostalgia costs money, and these were an oddball fleet which still had a six figure per unit commercial value...

    PAR, KCS, CSX, CP and UP still maintain dedicated business train locomotives, but it's probably time to start asking why. Engineering specials or business trains can easily be pulled by a road locomotive without any issue, and most heritage fleets include power cars for HEP, so it's harder and harder to justify the money, time and effort needed to keep a dedicated fleet vs. just pulling something from the available power pool.

    BNSF got rid of their executive power 20+ years ago (donated as a set to the IRM), CN sold off theirs in 2014 or so to IPH. WSOR also disposed of all of their E units after the sale to Watco. And now NS gets added to that list...

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