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Thread: Custom Asset Creation in Modern TS

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    Default Custom Asset Creation in Modern TS


    I have recently discovered my ability to make basic assets and such using 3dcrafter.

    Does anyone have any leads on how to export to TS using Blender 2.8? I see there were previous exporters, but it appears they no longer work; I follow the install directions and readme’s religiously, still nothing. I would like the potential to sell my work down the road, so Autodesk free isn’t an option.

    Any advice is appreciated, Thank you.

    Eric Chase
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    A new version of the exporter which will work with 2.8 is in the pipeline - I heard it was due out in December, but I haven't seen it yet.

    A post from the author on UKTrainsim said "Please just e-mail your issues (e-mail adress in BRIAGE manual)! I don't go out of my cave often enough to help on forums on a regular basis."

    Contact the author from here .
    See this thread for my railway photos

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    I'm curious.... Why use Blender to export your model to TS? If you have all the 3DC plugins you can export to TS with 3DC. Doesn't matter in the end honestly. Whatever works best for you. I make my models with Sketchup, and then use 3DC for the export.

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