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Thread: Kuju RailsimulatorUS freight autorackcar missings

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    Default Kuju RailsimulatorUS freight autorackcar missings

    I installed the Ohio Steel 2 (Dover and Massillon Divisions) route and observed when selecting a scenario (Altizer Road Switcher) that it is missing a lot of freight "AutoRackCar" cars corresponding to Kuju RailsimulatorUS. Someone can tell me where to find them??? They are as follows:
    - \cn
    - \gtw
    - \csx
    - \gtw1
    - \ne_autorack
    I've managed to find others but these I'm desperate because I've searched everywhere and I can't find them. Can someone help me?
    Thank you in advance, a greeting

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    Were you able to solve this yourself? I had a customer ask the same question not too long ago. The original Autoracks came with the "original" Railworks up until 2012. All the default rollingstock up to that time was removed to separate asset packs that DTG sells on Steam. I can't recall their names but that's where those autoracks are at. Anybody purchasing Railworks after 2012 has to purchase the asset packs in order to run the legacy stuff. - Rich

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    Thank you rgarber but I have solved it by replacing these autoracks with similar ones and resolved issue. Again thank you for your interest, a greeting

    federico fdez.-llebrez

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