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Thread: Activity Editor - Issues Loading Traffic in Simulation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterhawk76 View Post
    Oh Scott! What have you done!!! H
    Hah - yeah - playing with AI can be addictive - sometimes I don’t even run a train - just sit back and watch AI go about their assigned tasks...

    In Track Viewer when creating a [Path] - there’s a menu when placing [Wait Points] that allows you to select these advanced features - you can specify how many cars you want to grab or drop from a string... It’s not rocket science - just takes some playing around to get the hang of it...

    There’s also an option in ORTS Settings that needs to be turned on [Advanced AI Shunting] or something like that...


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    I have used a variation on that in the past where I would load up the activity w/a good number of AI traffic pieces & park the PT @ some centralized location like a siding or divergent main track, & just sit there & watch the traffic pass by. If no siding is available, you can also send the PT on its merry way to its end point, freeze the camera, & accomplish the same thing. Adds variety to the sim from time to time. H

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    I'd love to assign the AI more involvement in my scenarios. However, I have a lot of learning to do. I followed the steps, but my AI traffic simply don't show. This isn't an TSRE issue. I had the same problem with this particular map, NS Piedmont Corridor. You can run small paths, but anything over twenty miles or so won't work. I posted a link to the warning symbols I see when I load the game as well as the AI

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. this has been stomping me for years.
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    If you have the 'LOGGING' box ticked on the OR opening screen could you please attach the OR log file file?
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    I had the timing set wrong. I can't believe I was that stupid.

    However, I have another issue. My track speed is 0mph even though I have green signals. AI traffic have appropriate speed limits. Is this a path issue, or should I try to log the activity? I have logging checked but I don't know where the log file is.

    I want to say I am really enjoying working with Trackviewer and TSRE Activity editor. Populating yards is easy and fun. I'm still learning, but I haven't been this interested in activity building in ages.

    I also appreciate the help I get. Forum members are still friendly and willing to help. That really helps, particularly when poor confidence and tend to do idiotic things.
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