TSW - UK modification in 1.0

And it is out. After several hours of testing, I decided to make available the UK modification (all UK loco on all UK lines). I also focused on MU units (although they are not everywhere, but they are on most lines). When creating this modification, I found another thing that I can use, so I immediately used it (basically it is a function that has not been used yet, which even DTG has never used). I intend to modify the DE modification, where I could get some MU units to other places thanks to this function.
The UK modification, as well as the DE modification, includes a complete remodeling of trains and cars. So far I have not focused on random generation of freight trains (it took me a lot of time to investigate the replacement of formations). If you upload the UK modification to the DE modification, then you will see the Class 66 loco on trucks as well as on German lines. For proper functionality it will be good to remove other UK modifications from this page you have in the game. And one more thing ... don't rename the .pak file, leave it with! Because I've found that it all depends on the order of uploading .pak files. At another name, Leeds Manchester fell.
I have been testing the modification for a long time, it should work without problems, but there is still something to be found. So do not hesitate and feel free to send any bugs or comments to the discussion for download. Otherwise below is an example of what the modification brings.