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Thread: PRR is getting lengthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by gusthegator View Post
    Small Update for those interested:

    -Going to start and finish track work Providence to Boston South Station. After that, I may try to rework Newark Penn.
    -After a 19 hour grind over 5 days, I managed to finish New Haven trackage as best as possible.
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    Could I tempt you to do the New Haven track from Providence to Worcester? It would be greatly appreciated.


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    Much later down the line. For now I want to finish the NEC along with the metro north lines.

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    Replying to my own thread a lot, but I do want to keep you all informed. Here is a showcase of Secaucus Junction. This is the third and final rendition and took 4 hours to make using around 150 track pieces. A huge improvement from my original time of 6 weeks and 3023 track. The video provided show a northbound acela on 1 track (SKIP TO 3:09). Speeds are taken strait from Amtrak's GO 803 and placed accordingly.

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    Another small update:

    Speeds are finished up to Back Bay Station. I've been debating how to build Boston South since some track pieces are a bit larger than expected. Once that is finished, I will begin work on the many yards between sunny side and South station (with some already finished)
    Here is New Haven Yard plus the station:
    New Haven.jpg
    Also decided to play the simulator (since all I do is route build) and here is an acela at 150mph at mansfield:

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