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    Hi everyone!

    Years and years ago (2001!!) I made a little program called 'Route Control', and people seemed to like it. At some point in time, I changed our web site and got involved with other games, and eventually the full unlocked version of 'Route Control' wasn't really available anymore.

    Today I was poking around to see what's what, and realized that a few people still use 'Route Control', after all these years. There have been other programs that do more than it does, but it's nice to see that it still has a use for people running MSTS.

    So, I put the old page back up where you can download it, and also made it free. It used to be $24.95, and I certainly appreciate all the support from buyers over the years. Thank you so much. As of today, though, you can download the full thing and use it to your heart's content.

    Here's the page link:

    Some other things besides the web site have also changed. I no longer go by my old name, but I don't think I can change that here in the forum (if I can please let me know how). So, I'll just post this to say hello and let people know that 'Route Control' is available. I hope you enjoy it and it can be of some use to people still playing my favorite train sim.

    J. Fearon
    How in the World?

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    Good to see you, Jak again. I have used your program for a long time since first introduced in MSTS. Welcome back Jak.


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    Jak, Good to see you back in the saddle again.

    I still use Sky Conductor and love it.

    I never did get Route Control.

    Thanks for making it available again.



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    Many thanks for making this excellent program available as freeware.
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