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Thread: No play without disc.

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    Thanks Eric. Hadn't though of that, because the latest FF hadn't caused problems for me otherwise. Will check that, Though of course I'm one of those olde far*z who has everything packaged for installation from long ago anyway and would only be downloading something that's changed in the last 5 years or so.

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    I think the anti-tracking feature in Firefox 70 and later is breaking the programming on some sites. It's messed up authentication for one of the sites I had to use for work, broke the settings screen for my antivirus online control panel, and a few other things. I rolled back to the "ESR" version for enterprise which will stay on v. 68 & 69 through this fall. If they can't fix it by then, I'm moving to the new Chromium-based Edge.

    But back to the subject of downloading the MSTS official updates and patches, the Wayback Machine now has the complete, functioning archive of the old official MSTS website, including the downloads.

    To get to just the downloads page, go here:

    To get to the main home page for a blast form the past, go here:

    I'd mentioned these a few months ago on my blog; it's good that they've got the whole site working now, and the critical update downloads should be safely archived this way.

    Likewise, the MSTS-BIN download page (along with the rest of the site) is also safely backed up to the Wayback Machine.
    The English language download page is here:


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