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Thread: BNSF Scenic Trestle Issue

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    Strange. I have the free edition (TS_starter_route). I have decompressed trestle_support.s, but there is already only one lod_control. However I have seen the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geepster775 View Post
    Another method is to fix it with shape file manager.

    Use SFM to decompress the shape, then go to Distance Levels and set both LODs to 1000m. This basically forces the bad LOD to be visible all the time.

    Then use the Shift function in SFM to shift the shape -23.0 on the Y axis and +2.0 on the Z axis.

    Then recompress.

    This same shape is used on the bridge just above Index and below Baring, and it looks okay there. The Foss Bridge still has them off a bit, but that is likely the result of bad (unsquare) placement to begin with.
    Thanks to geepster and paulytechnic for the methods...I used geepsters...all looks good now...I did notice the slight offset mentioned..yes probably due to original construction alignment.
    I have no way of knowing which method is the proper method or if one method is "quick&dirty" and the other is less so ( or more so )...apologies to both geepster and paulytechnic...but end result --- problem solved.
    HatTip.jpg to both of you!
    Cheers, Gerry
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